Most of the business owners are quite reluctant regarding valuing their businesses. However, sometimes, they require being proactive in this regard. Business valuations are sometimes the necessity when companies need to know what exactly is the interest of their business in the market. Sometimes, however, there are other elective reasons which make business valuation quite essential for the companies. 

As a businessman, you must know certain scenarios when business valuation becomes quite essential. Listed below are certain such situations for your knowledge. 

Valuations Required For Taxation Purposes: 

Estates: Business valuation is required in case you want to register a return on your estate tax. It is also needed as guidance to complete the terms stated in the will of the descendant. 
Buy-Sell Agreements: In case, the buying and selling agreements involve third parties, business valuation becomes mandatory to assess the actual value of the estate. 
Converting C Corporations To S Corporations: Before the conversion of the corporation takes place, it is essential to assess the profit that the S corporation might gain by disposing of the assets and properties of the C Corporation. Cost segregation of the two corporations is also essential in this regard. 
Charitable Contributions: Closely-held corporations often gift their stocks for charitable purposes. In this case as well, if the donor wishes to take a tax deduction on charitable income, it is important to carry out valuation within 60 days of gifting to charity. 

Valuations Needed For Legal Matters: 

Property Settlements At The Time Of Divorce: In case, business owners get divorced, valuation of the business becomes essential for division of the marital estate. 
Litigations: Business valuation is also mandatory in case you face legal situations like contract disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, and estate and damage litigation. 

Many renowned business valuation companies help their clients with comprehensive valuation solutions. Every business has its unique features and methods of operations. Taking into consideration the independent requirements of every business, the professionals carry out valuation programs accordingly. 

Well-supported valuations always help businesses in complying with the rules of taxation and other important authorities. 

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